Digital Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound System

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Mirror 2 is a stable and reliable ultrasound system, putting quality ultrasound technology well within the reach of your private practice, specialized clinic, or hospital. It offers solid image quality, multiple measurements packages including advanced 4D capabilities and cardiac measurement tools to help doctors to offer quality ultrasound exams.

  • Features

PIHI: Pulse Inverse Harmonic Imaging

PIHI is a new modality that distort the fundamental pulse signal and extract the pure broadband harmonic signaldue to its highest amplitude. Thus PIHI can improve image overall uniformity with high resolution and high penetration than traditional THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging). 


Digital Fine Focusing

The interval of traditional dynamic focusing is more than 0.154mm while digital fine focusing interval is less than 0.02mm. Each sample point can be precisely focused so as to effectively improve the superficial image.


LanSRI: Speckle Reduction Imaging

By LanSRI we mean decompose the image to a group of smaller ones in pyramid structure, analysis the texture information to remove speckle noise in different scales and then reconstruct the image after the noise suppression. LanSRI can help to enhancesmooth along preferred edge direction, reduces variation within speckle region, and maintain local mean gray scale level.

LanSRI can be turned on/off and 4 levels adjustable on:

ϙ        live images

ϙ        frozen images

ϙ        images recalled from the archive


LanBeam: Spatial Compounding Imaging

With LanBeam, we can scan multiple coplanar images from different angles and combine into a single image in real time, one angle will be perpendicular to round or oval reflector. Doctors can get greater smoothness of borders and interfaces, improved contrast resolution and border detection.

ϙ        Images obtained up to 7 different scanning angles

ϙ        4 levels adjustable

LanScape: Panoramic imaging

LanScape Panoramic Imaging allows to join the series of images that are acquires by scanning at a stable rate.It offers observation on the longer fiber patterns, exact position and size of the lesion.This feature can provide extraordinary view, enabling doctors to visualize the dimension andmorphology of entire organs.


Trapezoidal Imaging

Trapezoidal Imaging Extend the FOV of scanning. Landwind Medical’s trapezoidal Imaging is available on convex, linear and endocavity transducers.

Dual Live Display

Dual live displays with grayscale reference image and color Doppler image.


Real-time Triplex Imaging

Real-time Triplex Imaging means Spectral Doppler combined with real-time B mode and color flow imaging, in this way data collecting and processing is shared between all three modes.

Beam Steering

Beam Steering is used to increase reflection and beam perpendicular to the vessel wall so as to get a more clear and pure image.

Anatomical M-mode:

A novel technique for the quantitative evaluation of regional wall motion analysis during dobutamine echocardiography.Mirror series color doppler’s 3 lines AMM permit a more detailed analysis of cardiac chambers diameters obtained by linear measurements, regional wall motion of the left ventricle (both at rest and during stress), and location of accessory pathways.


Tissue Doppler Imaging

Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), using Doppler to quantify the velocity of tissue rather than blood, allows for the visualization of tissue movement typically performed on the myocardium. This tool is typically used to assess levels of diastolic function of the left ventricle by placing a sample volume at the mitral valve annulus, where changes in tissue motion are often detected prior to changes in blood flow spectrums through the same valve

4D: LanSkin

Landwind Medical’s 4D package are capable of advanced 4D capabilities like LanSkin andTomographic Ultrasound Imaging.

ϙ        LanSkin: Real Skin Imaging with light source, depth view

ϙ        Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging: function like CT Scanning


Powerful Data Management System

ϙ        500GB Internal Hard Disk

ϙ        Thumbnail Review

ϙ        7 USB port including front USB port, Video, Audio, S-Video, Microphone, DVI, Internet, Dicom 3, HIS/RIS

ϙ        Built in Manual, integrated report

ϙ        Powerful Preset

ϙ        Image/clip format (JPG, AVI, TIFF, BMP, DICOM)