Full Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System

The F40 is a Highly sophisticated full digital ultrasound imaging technology and ergonomic system design, the F40 system brings crystal clear image, enjoyable experience and solid confidence to doctors and patients.

  • Features
• 15"LCD high resolution monitor
• Two transducer connectors
• Multiple Innovative Technologies
• Various storage options (DVD-RW, Hard Disk, USB, DICOM)
• Ergonomic Design
• Broadband Digital Beam Forming (DBF)
• Digital Dynamic Aperture Imaging
• Dynamic Tracing
• Digital Real-Time Dynamic Focusing (RDA)
• Dynamic Receiving Focus
• Multi-beam Parallel Processing Technology
• Tissue Harmonic Imaging
• DICOM storage SCU
• Graph/text report function
• Fetal growth curve
• Laser jet printer driver installed
• SONY & Mitsubishi B&W Printer
• Foot Switch