Social Responsibilities

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As an integral part of medical device company, our care for a healthy life will never end, this has become the glory of Landwind Medicals success, and we shall never forget the social responsibility that our team has to shoulder.

Through its 20 years of existence, Landwind Medical has put our efforts on 2 aspects.

Supporting Education

Project Hope not just is a non-governmental project launched and organized by China Youth Development Foundation, but also is a social welfare undertaking, whose purpose are financing poor areas school children return to school to access to higher education, guiding the construction of Hope Primary School, and helping to improve the conditions of rural schools.

Landwind Medical deeply aware that students are the future of society, therefore we have put our majority of efforts on building Landwind Hope Primary Schools and providing scholarship for outstanding university students and students from undeveloped areas.


Donation for natural disasters

We also make donations for natural disasters like tsunami and earth, till now, we have donated more than four millions of medical devices and money to help people who are suffering great damages. We know that it is not easy and we are not alone during all this, and you are welcome to join us together, we believe that our efforts will make this whole world a better place to live for us and for our children.