CMEF 2019|Meet you in Qingdao
October 24, 2019

CMEF 2019|Meet you in Qingdao

On Octorber.19th, the 82ed China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF) was held in Qingdao Cosmopolian Exposition.

CMEF, as the witness and promoter of the development of national medical service, has been helping national medical service to move towards a new era of intelligence.

In the process of the rise and development of the national medical equipment industry, Landwind has never been absent. On the occasion of the 82ed CMEF, Landwind, with the combination of "professional medical equipment + home medical health", bring about six product lines of "digital radiation, digital ultrasound, in vitro diagnosis, respiratory anesthesia, hemodialysis, and home medical health" to the event, and continuously strives to form a comprehensive and integrated solution in China.

Every appearance of blue rhyme is only for the next better start:

Below are some pictures of our products:

Landwind's new products and innovative technologies are fully displayed to attract customers at home and abroad:

On the way of striving for China's medical cause, as witness and contributor, to contribute to the future of smart medicine: