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Portable Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System for Veterinary

The CU30VET is a stable and reliable ultrasound system, putting high quality ultrasound diagnostic technology within reach. It delivers superb 2D image quality in multiple application, and offers professional measurement tools to help doctors to realize quality ultrasound exams.

  • Features

•          12 inch high resolution LED monitor

•          Windows 7 operation system based

•          Powerful measurement & calculation software packages

•          3D function        

•          Auto Freeze function

•          One transducer connectors

•          More than 10GB storage

•          Tissue Harmonia Imaging

•          Ultrasound Work-station managing system

•          DICOM 3.0 storage SCU


•          35C50 Convex array transducer

•          75L40 Linear array transducer

•          65C10 Trans-vaginal transducer

•          65C15 Micro-convex array transducer

•          Stainless steer needle-guided bracket

•          Thermal printer and laser jet printer