LWEV Series

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Dedicated to the DR impact system of high-pressure matching, product positioning at home and abroad in the high-end market.

  • Feature


●   A rich interface that can be adapted to any flat panel detector.

 ●   Standard PC software, while providing dynamic link library, user-friendly integration into the DR 

        software.  Optional LCD console, high-speed start board.

  ●  Excellent performance - KV accuracy - 2%, exposure time accuracy - 2%,  MAS accuracy - 5%, wider 

       exposure time range from 2ms to 10s.

    With the tube current automatic calibration function.

    AEC function (can adapt to different ionization chamber), APR function can support more than 300

      different  body position photography.

    For more user-friendly maintenance, 50 error codes are provided and error log functions are available. In

       order to facilitate the calibration, the host computer interface KV, MA waveform display oscilloscope 


 ●   Meet the CFDA, CE standards, better electromagnetic compatibility. Overseas version to meet the

       110VAC, 208VAC, 240VAC a variety of power input.