Chemi 2V

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Chemi 2V is Veterinary Auto-Chemistry Analyzer with test-specific lyophilized reagent, 10 mins to read result
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Sample Type: whole blood,Plasma,Serum

Sample Consumption: 100ul,Just three drops of whole blood

Parameters: up to 16 parameters in one test, 10 mins getting result. 25 parameters configured 8 profiles 

Connection interface: Bluetooth , WLAN, USB port, Ethernet interface

Data capacity: More than 50000 sets of patient and quality control data

Portable design: Total 2.2 KG

Calibration:Calibration information by scanning the QR code

Imported core components:Core components using top level suppliers in word wide

Maintenance free:Excellent design and without liquid path

Built-in QC system: Built-in real time quality control(RQC) system

Thermal printer