LW D6500

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LW D6500 is the new generation 5-diff, hematology analyzer. It is a product encompassing the latest technology in optics, automation, mechanics and biology.

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•   WBC 5-differential, 28 parameters,1 scattergram,3 histograms

•  Throughput:60T/H

•  Only 16 μL blood sample for whole blood mode, 20uL for prediluented mode

•  Storing 100000 samples with all parameters,scattergram and histogram

•  Semiconductor laser flow cytometric analysis + cytochemical dyeing method (WBC+5DIFF ), automatic pulse resistance method ( WBC/RBC/PLT )

•  Cyanide free colorimetric method (HGB )

•  4 kinds of reagents, low reagent consumption


Research Parameters


  • Middle angle scattering represents inner structure and granules of cell
  • Low angle scattering represents cell size

  • The cell stream is coated by the sheath flow
  • WBC passing through the flowcell one by one
  • Laser detects for WBC differential

  • Two categories of lyse dissolve the RBC and dye the WBC
  • WBC can be better differentiated under laser scattering

  • HGB concentration is calculated by colorimetric method
  • Cyanide free, no biohazard to human and environment

  • 2 counting chambers: one for WBC, the other for RBC/PLT