Mirror5 Touch

Digital Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Mirror5 Touch is designed with multiple applications to satisfy different users with varies needs on patient care. Confident in action, guaranteed by Landwind R&D team for performance with versatility, flexibility, and ease of use that provide daily value, Mirror5 Touch supports many cutting edge technology and functions such as highly sensitive strain elastography for breast which can be used to assess relative tissue stiffness.

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Patent Signal Oversampling

Landwind Medical won patent on Signal Oversampling. This technology can effectively avoid the two-dimensional image distortion brought by linear interpolation of the Digital Signal Controller,remove the noise outside of the blood flow, improve the sensitivity of theblood flow detected, and Increase the grayscale image resolution

LW Digital Fine Foucsing

The interval of traditional dynamic focusing is more than 0.154mm while digital fine focusing  interval is less than 0.02mm. 

Each sample point can be precisely focused.

Effectively improve the superficial image resolution  

LanSRI: Speckle Reduction Imaging

By LanSRI we mean decompose the image to a group of smaller ones in pyramid structure, analysis the texture information to remove speckle noise in different scales and then reconstruct the image after the noise suppression. LanSRI can help to enhancesmooth along preferred edge direction, reduces variation within speckle region, and maintain local mean gray scale level.

LanSRI can be turned on/off and 4 levels adjustable on:

ϙ        live images

ϙ        frozen images

ϙ        images recalled from the archive

Color Flow Peak Velocity Capture

Capture the peak flow signals within a certain time duration, in order to improve the low speed blood flow and low perfusion organ such as tumor blood supply.

Auto IMT

Automated measurement of the intima-media thickness of the carotid artery wall, for evaluating an asymptomatic patient’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Tissue Specific Imaging

Sound Speed varies in different tissues.Tissue Specific Imaging enables doctors to adjust the speed of sound according to patient condition so as to 

minimize beam distortion and improve imaging results and diagnostic outcome. It has 4 adjustable levels: General, MSK, Fluid and Fat.

Color M Mode

Color m-mode imaging is a technique which uses pulsed Doppler interrogation along a single line of interrogation, similar to M-mode echocardiography.

 In color m-mode Doppler, the Doppler velocity shift is recorded and then color encoded and superimposed on the M-mode image. This process results 

in high temporal resolution data on the direction and timing of flow events. Color M-mode (CMM) echocardiography provides a spatiotemporal map of 

the velocities of the blood flow along the scan line from the mitral annulus to the LV apex.

Tissue Velocity Mapping

Tissue Velocity Mapping is also called Color-coded Tissue Doppler Imaging. It can create two dimensional color images that facilitate visual assessment 

of ventricular wall more significantly.

4D: LanSkin

Landwind Medical’s 4D package are capable of advanced 4D capabilities like LanSkin andTomographic Ultrasound Imaging.

ϙ        LanSkin: Real Skin Imaging with light source, depth view

ϙ        Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging: function like CT Scanning


Ultrasound Elastography is a medical imaging modality that maps the elastic properties of soft tissue.Whether the tissue is hard or soft will give diagnostic 

information about the presence or status of disease, providing a color map of tissue elasticity that is superimposed on the real-time grey scale ultrasound image.

Auto Trace and Auto Calculation

By Auto trace and auto calculation, doctors can get necessary parameters automatically.

One-touch Workflow:

ϙ        one-touch Image storage, export, print

ϙ        One-touch export DVD USB

ϙ        One-touch Image Optimization

ϙ        one-touch spectrum Optimization