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HVJ-880C+ is an advanced ICU Ventilator for adults and pediatric with precise multi-ventilator modes, equipped with 10.4" inch LCD screen in tilt angle for clear view and user-friendly operation

  • Features

•  10.4" inch LCD screen in big font

•  Pneumatically and electrically controlled

•  Tidal volume 20-2000ml, applicable to adults and pediatric

•  Verious ventilation types: IPPV(VCV,PCV), SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, SIGH, MANU

•  Special Venturi device ensures FiO2 range to 21%-100% (With air compressor)

•  Advanced flow trigger and traditional pressure trigger mechanism

•  Powerful monitoring function for multi-parameters displaying

•  Configure medical air compressor in low noise

•  Perfect apnea ventilation technology, alarm system and backup battery