2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit 

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The genetic material of COVID-19 is RNA. The principle of the RT-PCR method is the specific match between the primers and probes and the specific region of COVID-19 RNA. Once the RNA of the virus is detected, the result will be "positive". In terms of Methodology, the nucleic acid detection technology is the most direct and the most intrinsical pathogenicity evidence. It is better than prognosis basing on experience, such as clinical manifestation, clinical characteristics and CT scanning.

  • Features
  • Sensitivity and specificity
  • Storage Conditions and Validity Date
  • Easy to operate, result available within 1 hour

  • Simple and direct result interpretation

  • Effective and cost-efficient

  • Open Platform, compatible to most real-time PCR instruments with 4 channels

  • Include positive and negative control for monitoring of the entire detection process

Coincidence rate of negative positive reference products: Compared with the referenced kits, the coincidence rate of 30 positive and 100 negative samples is 100% and the coincidence rate of 10 national standards is 100%.

The kit should be stored at -20±5℃and the validity  is 6 months.

The reagents can be stored at 4℃for 3 days; The kit should avoids repeated freezing and thawing and the times of reagent bottle openings does not exceed 7 times.