2019-nCoV Antibody (IgG/IgM)Combined Test Kit

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The significance of IgM and IgG antibody detection

When the human body contacts with foreign antigens, the first antibody produced is IgM, which is secreted directly by the receptor on the surface of B cells. The B cells that produce IgM enter the lymph nodes, receive stimulation from T cells and antigen-presenting cells in the center of occurrence, further mature, differentiate into plasma cells, and produce large amount of IgG.

IgM is usually produced 3-7 days after infection. Therefore, IgM can be used to reflect whether the body is in an acute infection state, as the main indicator of early diagnosis.

IgG appears later than IgM when infected with 2019-nCoV, but it can persist in the blood for several months, so positive IgG may indicate patients were ever infected with virus.

  • features
  • Test Principle
  • Advantages

Single-piece packing to avoid cross infection.

High specificity and sensitivity.

Test results within 15 minutes.

Serum plasma and whole blood available.

No instrument, suitable for field screening.

Can be used in the biological safety cabinet for largely decreasing the risk of infection for operator.

Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography is used in this kit.

High Accuracy with more than 92 9%.

Fast Results with 15 minutes Assay Time.

Simple Operation without Equipment Required.