Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

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Disposable Virus Sampling Tub is used for collection and transportation of virus specimens such as 2019-nCoV, influenza virus, avian influenza virus, hand foot mouth virus and measles virus as well as mycoplasma, chlamydia and other pathogen specimens

  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Storage and validity
  • Suitable forNasal swabs, throat swabs, urethral swabs, cervical swabs

  • Multiple models and specifications

  • Use thickened PP cryopreservation tube, can withstand -196℃ liquid nitrogen storage environment

  • Optional container with a height more than 8 cm to prevent contamination of the contents

  • Suitable for using in automated workstations

  • simple and convenient

Store for 12 months at 2-35℃