Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

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NA LW-9600 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument is a set of high-throughput, high-precision, high-efficiency automatic nucleic acid extraction system. The system integrates the functions of superparamagnetic nanometer magnetic bead extraction and full-process anti-contamination, and integrates to create a simple, automated, standardized, and highly refined modern molecular laboratory system solution.

  • Principle
  • Parameters
  • Advantages

Fast extraction method, Paramagnetic Particle Method

  • Sample Type: Serum, plasma, Whole blood, Secretions, Exfoliated cells, Tissues, Throat swabs, Urine, Feces, etc.

  • Throughput: 2 channels +8 channels

  • Extraction Time: Fast extraction method :96T≤26min,Paramagnetic Particle Method: 96T≤90min

  • Dosing Repeatability: Sample volume 10 μ L, CV≤2.5%; Sample volume 500μL, CV≤0.4%

  • Size: 1300mm(L)*700mm(W)*800mm(H)

  • Weight:120Kg

  • Sample barcode scanning system

With high-resolution laser bar code reader for automatic code scanning to identify accurately, quickly and Simply

  • Intelligent magnetic frame, with efficient Magnetic effect

Efficient magnetic frame design can be flexibly set according to reagent performance (customized option)

  • User-friendly interface design, simple operation and strong adaptability

Modular design, independent and personalized program settings to meet the needs of different customers

  • Strong compatibility, effectively reducing reagent costs

Suitable for 48/96 plates at the same time, with low cost of consumables

  • Superior performance, Excellent repeatability

Extract three samples with different concentrations of 1*107IU/ml, 1*105IU/ml, and 1*103IU/ml for 8 times repeatedly, and the CV% are all ≤3%

  • Anti-contamination System

Equipped with a ventilation system and can intelligently remotely turn on the UV lamp